Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tiny Rant/Revelation

So, have you ever really wanted something but have the hardest time saving up for it because there are so many things that you think are important that get in the way of you buying it. This happens to me all the time. My laptop is a piece of poo. I would have to have the white Macbook because its so cute and easy to carry around for school. This laptop is over $1000 and where has the money gone that I wanted to use for it…to make up more importantly MAC. Now don’t get me wrong, I love MAC. I think MAC is a great company and they have great products and I love them. But, mostly all of the makeup I own is MAC and let me tell you, that all adds up. Now shouldn’t someone who needs a new laptop be using that hard-earned cash to get a new one…nope she’s buying 3 $14 lipsticks because they will just complete her life. My fall semester starts in less than a month and I am still using this laptop that overheats, crashes, will just randomly restart when it feels like it and has scary noises sometimes. I am putting myself on a mini MAC/high end make up ban. There are so many other brands and products out there that I am not opening myself up to. So I am going to start to try being more money conscious when it comes to beauty products because I feel like you don’t need to spend that much to have the pay off you get with high end products.
I just need to keep reminding myself, my laptop is what I need. I can get through the month without buying another MAC product. I can get the laptop to get the good grades to get the awesome job where I can just buy whatever I want. And with this new "ban" I'll be able to save my money and buy the things I really need.
I will definitely be posting more reviews and more updates on how I’m doing with this.


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