Friday, August 6, 2010

July Favorites

So where I live July has been hot and humid and icky (well to me anyways). I havn’t been wearing much make up or hair products. Usually, I shower earlier in the day and then just let my hair air dry. And I have also been using beauty products very minimally. This is a short list but I still wanted to do one. Enjoy!
MAC Fix+: I love this stuff. I always keep it in my bag. I love to use it during the day as a refresher. Another thing that I like using it for is after the gym, when I’ve had a hard work out I just spray this on my face and I don’t feel so icky from all the sweat.
Pink Body Lotion in Vanilla and Shea Butter: I got this during the Semi Annual sale, it was only $3. I think they have discontinued it and honest this is so sad. I think this used to be in their organic line. I think that it was called nourishing. This stuff smells amazing!!! It smells like cake frosting. I love to put this all over my skin after I hop out of the shower. I also love it because it’s a very light weight lotion. If you can find this, pick it up.
Flip flops: I love these in the summer. I really love the ones from Old Navy. They come in so many colors and it is such a good value. I just simply love these. They have been my go to shoes this month.
What I’m Looking Forward To:
School Starting: I love school. I think I have always been the kid who loved going back to school. I love going back to school shopping and the first day. I’m just excited to be going back after not taking any summer classes.
Fall: I love fall. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors (well depending on where you live), and the fashion. I love neutral colors, so fall fashion is my favorite. I also love the layered look with sweaters and scarves. Also my birthday is in the fall.
Getting my Macbook: I feel so behind, everyone I know has a Macbook. Not that I don’t enjoy the computer that I have, it’s just on its last leg I feel. Saving money is hard when you love to shop, but I understand this is something that I want and need so I will have to make it work!


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  1. i'm looking forward to fall fashion as well. i love to layer xoxo