Friday, April 16, 2010

Legally Bronzed Review

So I walked into Sephora and I stumbled upon this. I actually have been looking for a new highlighter and bronzer so I thought for the price this would be a great deal. I do love benefits products, I do think that some things can be over priced but with them, you are paying for the quality of the items.
 High Beam – So I think that this is a great product. Definitely a must have in my book! I think that this is the best highlighter. Before I had this, I have been using MAC shroom eye shadow as a highlighter or different MAC beauty powders. This is so perfect for giving you a great glow. What I have found that works best for application is using a foundation brush. I take some out with the wand and place some on my hand and then using the brush to apply in a patting motion. If you can’t find this kit this is something that is definitely worth purchasing.
Hoola Bronzer – I tried this and I do like it. I feel like I am still a bit to light skinned but I know as soon as I take a few trips to the tanning salon I can pull this off for an all over coverage. This does work great for me now for contouring. This is also a must have I think. There are so many bronzers out there that have a shimmer and this one is a matte. This is a great product too just to have because I think everyone needs a good matte bronzer. So like I said with the high beam, if you can’t find this kit, I think this would be a great product to have.
Bad Gal Lash in brown – This honestly didn’t really impress me at all. This was my first time using any of the Bad Gal mascara. Maybe because it was brown and I usually use a black. I am willing to give the black one a try and see if I do like it.
Gilded – This is a very versatile pencil. I have used it as an all over lid color for a cute and fun neutral eye. It has that like an orangey apricot glow. You can also use this as a lip color and pair it with a nude lipgloss…I think that it is really cute and great for summer. I don’t know if this is a product you should go run out and buy but it is definitely a great bonus that comes with this set.

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Benefit Legally Bronzed

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